Prefabricated toilets – Portable solution to public convenience

Proper sanitation facility is a must-have, especially in suburban and rural areas, where there is limited infrastructure. Prefabricated portable toilets can provide a befitting solution in such a scenario. They’re quite oftentreated as a necessity structure, therefore they need to offer enough utility – to be useful. That being the case, in most projects toilets is added as an afterthought, once most of the elements have been completed. In such scenarios where multiple projects are going on, moving toilets from one location to another is often required. That is the reason many organisations are looking for modular portable toilets, which are easy to transport and economical.

EPACK has over 20 years of prefab manufacturing experience. We have manufactured and supplied toilets across several remote locations in India. Let’s look at few of the notable features of our portable toilets as below.

Features of EPACK’s prefabricated toilets:
Does not need civil foundation necessarily, as they can be placed on a flat surface.
No maintenance work required.
Our toilets come with complete finishing work, so there no painting needed on delivery.
Smoke detectors, firefighting equipment, come installed.
Weather, leak and earthquake resistant and durable
Easy to re-assemble and dismantle

Prefabricated toilets Prefabricated toilets

Benefits of prefabricated toilets

1. Easy to transport and quick to install
There are many benefits of installing prefabricated toilet blocks. These are lightweight structures which can be transported in a truck, either flat-pack or as a whole block depending on its size. This ensures easy shipping from one location to another. These portable toilet blocks are also easy to assemble and install, so you can have it up and running in no time.

2. Our toilets come with complete sanitation facility
This ensures that the toilets we supply are ready for use as soon as they are installed. Water tanks, plumbing fittings are supplied together or as required. Some of our toilet blocks come with solar panels also, which makes them energy efficient.

3. Our toilet blocks are customizable
The prefabricated toilets we manufacture are highly customizable, to suit specific need of clients. Area, structure, water availability are the factors we consider during the planning phase of such projects.

Locations where portable toilets are useful
Camping tour locations
Rural areas with limited infrastructure
Construction project sites
Large event venues–tradeshows, wedding venues, etc
As public toilet facility on highways

EPACK is a reputed name in the prefab manufacturing segment. We have our own manufacturing unit where toilets modules are made, using the finest quality raw materials. The entire process is supervised and quality by a team of professionals before delivery.

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