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EPACK Prefab Airport Terminal Structures:
Pioneering the Future of Aviation Infrastructure

Revolutionizing Airport Terminal Buildings

Modular Mastery: EPACK Prefab’s airport structures, known for their innovative modular design, boast both reliability and swift construction. Modular construction itself carries a realm of benefits, including flexibility in design and faster project completion.

In a notable achievement, EPACK Prefab designed and executed one of India's first prefabricated airport civil terminals in Hindon, Ghaziabad, in 2019. Remarkably, this modern marvel was fully operational in just four months, exemplifying the speed and efficiency of prefabricated constructions.
As air travel in India becomes increasingly accessible to the masses, the demand for quick, sturdy, and green construction solutions surges. EPACK Prefab rises to the occasion, offering airport infrastructures that promise travelers a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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Aircraft Hangars: A Sanctuary for Your Aircraft

EPACK Prefab's Pre-Engineered Steel Hangar Buildings are architectural wonders designed to safeguard aircraft. Not only are they vast enough to accommodate large planes, but they also host workshops, waiting areas, and other essentials.

A standout feature? Their fire-resistant nature. Crafted specifically to house aircraft, they employ materials immune to fire, ensuring utmost safety. Engineered to withstand hefty weights, high winds, and harsh weather, they provide unparalleled protection to your aircraft.

Within these expansive hangars, soundproof offices offer a serene work environment. The advantages of choosing our prefab hangars are multifold, from long-term savings to assured protection. EPACK Prefab’s hangars are also equipped with fire-suppression systems, effective thermal insulation, advanced ventilation, comprehensive runway systems, and adjoining offices and workshops. Clients can further customize the design, availing of an array of finishes and features tailored to their needs.

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EPACK Prefab

Prefab Construction:
Versatility & Sustainability Combined

    Prefab's beauty lies not only in its cost-effectiveness and rapidity but also in its adaptability. EPACK Prefab buildings can be disassembled without any damage, ready for reassembly at a new location or even repurposing.

    Wish to expand or modify? Whether it's adding a new floor, wall, or any other structure, the transition is seamless. These buildings offer multifaceted utilities – from being rented out to serving varied functions over time.
EPACk Prefab

Inclusive Infrastructure for Modern Airports

  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS)
  • CCTV and Public Address System
  • Comprehensive Fire Safety Measures
  • Premium Reserved Lounge
  • Convenient Snack Bar and ATM
  • Comprehensive Airline Facilities
EPACK Prefab

The Advantages of EPACK Prefab's Terminal Structures

  • Adaptable: EPACK Prefab's structures are perfect when existing airports reach capacity or need expansion without permanent structures.
  • Interim Solutions: These terminals serve well during major terminal renovations or repairs.
  • Event-Ready: Be it major events with high air traffic or unforeseen situations like natural calamities, our temporary terminals and hangars can be promptly constructed, ensuring continuity and safety.
Custom-Built For Your Business

Elevate Your Airport Experience
with EPACK Prefab

When it comes to airport terminal construction, the choice you make is pivotal. EPACK Prefab stands as a beacon of excellence, offering unmatched solutions that redefine the concept of airport terminals. Here's why EPACK Prefab should be your ultimate choice:

  • Unparalleled Expertise : With years of experience in the construction industry, EPACK Prefab brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Our team consists of experts who understand the intricate requirements of airport terminals, ensuring every aspect is meticulously planned and executed.
  • Tailored Terminal Solutions : No two airports are the same, and we understand that. EPACK Prefab specializes in providing customized solutions that align with the unique needs of each project. From layout design to interior aesthetics, we create terminals that reflect your airport's identity.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology : Air travel is advancing, and so are airport terminals. EPACK Prefab stays at the forefront of technological advancements, incorporating state-of-the-art features that enhance security, streamline operations, and elevate passenger experiences.
  • Sustainability as a Core Value : EPACK Prefab is committed to creating terminals that not only serve the present but also care for the future. Our eco-friendly designs and sustainable practices ensure that your terminal contributes positively to the environment, aligning with global green initiatives.
  • Seamless Project Management : Building an airport terminal is a complex endeavor. EPACK Prefab's project management team excels in orchestrating the entire process, from initial concept to final construction, ensuring deadlines are met and quality is maintained.
  • Emphasis on Aesthetics : An airport terminal isn't just functional; it's a statement. EPACK Prefab places a strong emphasis on aesthetics, weaving local culture, art, and design into the very fabric of the terminal, creating a space that resonates with travelers.
  • Testimonials That Speak Volumes : The success of EPACK Prefab lies in the satisfaction of our clients. Countless airport authorities, aviation professionals, and passengers have lauded our work, with testimonials underscoring our commitment to excellence.
    "EPACK Prefab transformed our airport terminal into a masterpiece. Their attention to detail and dedication to delivering quality is truly commendable." - Sarah M., Airport Director
  • Lasting Partnerships : Choosing EPACK Prefab means forging a lasting partnership. We remain engaged even after the terminal is built, providing ongoing support to ensure smooth operations and address any needs that arise.
  • Global Recognition : Our work has garnered global recognition for its innovation, sustainability, and design. When you choose EPACK Prefab, you're aligning your airport with a brand known for setting new industry standards.
  • Join the Future of Air Travel : Air travel is evolving, and so should your airport terminals. By choosing EPACK Prefab, you're not just building a terminal; you're investing in the future of air travel—a future that is efficient, sustainable, and unforgettable.
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