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PUF Panels are an acronym of Polyurethane Foam which is a layer of material sandwiched between two GI metal sheets. EPACK is equipped with its own manufacturing unit for PUF sandwich panels. These panels find application in both wall and roofing.

The foaming material ensures proper insulation from heat as well as cold, maintaining the room temperature inside. Our technicians are trained in producing these structures with quality standards set by our organization. The raw materials are procured from reputed vendors. These insulated sandwich panels can be integrated using joists and studs.

Insulation properties of PUF Panels make it the most sought after!

These structures have a huge demand in the market owing to their durability and high strength. The panels have wide application across multiple industries such as cold Storage solutions, prefabricated sheds, prefabricated homes, for the building roofs and walls. The usage is widespread across the market.

Our panels are manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, with machinery that needs minimal human intervention, thereby leaving chances of negligible error. Our workforce is technically sound and the products go through a system of checks and balances.
Epack’s Sandwich Puf Panels are known for thermal resistance as well as acoustics. They are designed to cater to all cooling requirements also. The completion is done in a seamless manner based on client needs.

Puf Panel Puf Panel Puf Panel Puf Panel Puf Panel Puf Panel
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11 Salient Features of PUF Sandwich Panels

PUF Sandwich Panels
  • The panels are modular and pre-engineered for precision and quick construction
  • Efficient and quick on-site installation
  • Customizable features to meet customer requirement
  • Compact, light-weight PUF panels
  • High structural durability and rigidity
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Versatile use
  • Fire, water, and weather-resistant
  • Low energy-consuming
  • Insulated panels for walls have pre-painted galvanized sheets with tongue & groove mechanism
  • PUF panel for roofing, too, is built with pre-painted galvanized metal sheets
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PUF Panel: A Versatile Solution for Modern Construction

PUF Panel
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Glasswool Sandwich Panel
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Specifications of PUF Panels

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Tips For Buying PUF Sandwich Panels:

    PUF Sandwich Panels
  • Panel should have been made on the high-pressure foaming machine (Perfect Density Range is 40 ± 2 kg/m³.
  • The top & bottom sheet should have a minimum of 90gsm galvanaising (It makes it rust-resistant.)
  • The metal sheet should have a minimum of 20-25 microns of Top Coat & 7 microns of Bottom Coat.
  • Locking Arrangement of Panels: It should have Tounge & Groove, as well as a Cam Locking system
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Buy Lightweight, Energy-Efficient & Durable Puf Panels

Insulated sandwich panels for Wall cladding and roof used

EPACK, one of the most renowned PUF panel manufacturers in India builds insulated panels for roofing and wall cladding purposes. With a firm commitment to quality, we manufacture, trade, and supply a wide assortment of PUF Panels. Our offered structure is designed and fabricated by our adroit professionals using premium quality raw material with the help of progressive machines. Finding their application in several industries, for the purpose of building roofs and walls, their preference in the market is quite high. Our offered products are lightweight and have distinct uses in Industries and households. This structure is highly demanded in the market owing to its durability and high strength. Finding their application in several industries such as Cold Storages, Prefabricated Shelters, Prefab houses, for the purpose of building roofs and walls, their preference in the market is quite high.

We operate from a very modern manufacturing unit, using modern processes to guarantee consistency and reliability, we have ample facilities and a technically sound workforce for manufacturing any type of PUF panels. These panels are packed with high-density foam to ensure perfect insulation. We offer world-class panels with standard accessories making sure that the complete system is air-tight, hygienic, highly energy-efficient, and built for lifetime use. Our offered panels have excellent thermal- acoustic resistance and have been designed to cater to all cooling requirements. It is finished in a seamless manner and is customized according to the choice of our clients.

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1. What are PUF panels, and what are they used for?

2. How do PUF panels contribute to energy efficiency?

PUF panels provide exceptional insulation, reducing heat transfer and maintaining consistent indoor temperatures. This results in energy savings by minimizing the need for heating or cooling.

3. What is the typical lifespan of PUF panels, and how do you maintain them?

PUF panels can last for several decades with proper maintenance. Regular inspections and minor repairs, if needed, can ensure their longevity.

4. Are PUF panels environmentally friendly?

PUF panels are considered eco-friendly because they contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings. They help conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Can PUF panels withstand extreme weather conditions?

PUF panels are highly durable and can perform well in a wide range of weather conditions, from extreme cold to hot and humid environments.

6. Are PUF panels suitable for both residential and commercial construction?

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