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Prefabricated Industrial Shed in Agra
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Discover the future of industrial construction with EPACK Prefab in Agra. Our Prefabricated Industrial Sheds redefine efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Situated in the bustling city of Agra, we bring you cutting-edge solutions for your industrial needs.

EPACK Prefab's Industrial Sheds are more than just structures; they are the embodiment of innovation. Crafted with precision, these sheds are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial operations while ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Our commitment to quality ensures that your industrial requirements are not just met but exceeded.

What sets EPACK Prefab apart is our attention to detail. We understand the unique demands of Agra's industrial landscape and have tailored our solutions accordingly. From warehousing to manufacturing units, our Prefabricated Industrial Sheds offer versatility and adaptability that traditional construction methods can't match.

When you choose EPACK Prefab, you're choosing a partner in progress. Our team of experts will work closely with you to bring your industrial vision to life. Experience faster construction timelines, reduced costs, and a greener approach to industrial infrastructure. Join the future of industrial construction with EPACK Prefab in Agra today.

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Some of Industrial Sheds Constructed By EPACK

Pre Engineered Factory Building in Sikandrabad (UP)
Pre Engineered Warehouse Building in Haryana
Pre Engineered Factory Shed in Sikandrabad (UP)
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Features and Benefits of Industrial Sheds

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  • Customizable Design: Our industrial sheds can be modified to meet your unique requirements. We can customize the design of your industrial shed to meet your specific needs thanks to the range of sizes and finishes we provide.
  • Quick Installation: Setting up one of our prefabricated industrial sheds is simple and quick. We can prefabricate the complete industrial shed using our modular construction approach, saving you time and minimizing disruption to your business activities.
  • Durability and Strength: Our industrial sheds are built from premium materials that can resist severe weather and rigorous use. Additionally, they resist rust and corrosion, extending the life of your industrial shed.
  • Low Maintenance: Our industrial sheds require very little maintenance, which will ultimately save you time and money. You won't have to worry about needing constant repairs because of the tough materials we utilize to build our sheds.
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Technology Used in Construction
of Prefab Sheds

Insulated sandwich panels for Wall cladding and roof used

IWe provide quality sandwich panels for wall and roof cladding. These are manufactured in house and shipped to the construction site. Depending on the requirement, one may choose between single skin sheeting or insulated panels for wall cladding. For roofing, there are additional options of in situ sandwich roofing or standing seam roofing system. We ensure ergonomic design as and where feasible depending on the dimensions of the building.

  • Wall: PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 50 / 60mm with PPGI sheet on both sides of Industrial sheds.
  • Shed Roof: PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 30 / 40 mm or PPGI roofing sheet will be used for roofing purposes.
  • High Quality Insulated Doors with all accessories will be used.
  • All Windows will be Aluminum anodized with sliding type in nature.
  • Structure and Accessories: We provide all types of required accessories along with sturdy structure
  • Electrical & Sanitary fittings, beds, seating system etc will be provided as per the client requirements
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