The Benefits of Prefabricated Steel Warehousing over traditional ones

A prefabricated steel building for warehouse comprises of steel beams, columns, truss and other elements that are made of steel. The parts are connected to each other by bolts, joists, rivets, etc. The primary purpose of steel warehouse is to provide ample space required for storage. The steel structure usually has large span for this purpose. But what are the advantages of steel warehousing solution over conventional ones?

Time factor is the biggest advantage of pre engineered steel warehouse buildings. The construction period is significantly shorter due to modular construction. The other advantage is that being lightweight, it is convenient to relocate a steel warehouse than a conventional one.

PEB Steel warehouse vs traditional concrete warehouse

Warehouses are primarily storage facilities, so they are classified based on the commodity distribution systems or nature of the goods. To cope with the increasing demand of warehouses in recent years, people are adopting more to steel warehouse buildings which are quick to construct. So this is a clear indication that with passage of time steel warehouses are taking precedence over traditional onesdue to added convenience.

The construction of the pre engineered steel warehouseshappens about 30 to 60 percent faster. Also, they are easy to expand, which means you can add more storage space as you need without much hassle. Pre engineered construction happens offsite. Unlike concrete, this is dry construction and therefore more environment friendly.

Warehouses made of steel typically save construction workers’ costs, as compared to concrete warehouses. This saves lot of production and other costs that are commonly associated while building a warehouse. The steel used in PEBs is lightweight and so are the panels used on wall and roofing. The overall weight of PEB warehouses are therefore much lighter than traditional brick and mortar warehouse. Consequently, steel warehouses do not need a foundation as heavy as those made in the traditional way. This becomes another area of cost saving.

The lesser the columns or structural objects in your building, the more becomes your space inside the warehouse. With steel construction, it is possible to design large clearspan spaces for your warehouse. It is possible to have a single stretch of over 60 metres in a warehouse, without requiring any load bearing support. This makes it easy to set up large-scale heavy machinery and equipment as per your need.

Another factor that favours steel warehouses over traditional ones are common wear and tear resulting from decay, mildew, termite attacks, pest and fire damage. Besides, peb warehouses that are professionally designed can resist severe weather conditions like excessive snowfall or incessant rain and thunderstorms. This is the reason that is garnering worldwide acceptance of pre engineered buildings.

EPACK specialises in building pre engineered warehouses, having spent over two decades in manufacturing. We design and manufacture in our own unit based out of NCR, with our team taking care of requirements for end to end execution.

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