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Sandwich panels are used for walls and roofs in prefabricated buildings. These panels comprise a layer of thermo-insulating material which is sandwiched between two meta sheets. Hence the name sandwich panel or insulated sandwich panels. The metal sheets induce structural force to the panel.

Sandwich panels are categorized into different types based on the thermo-insulating panels. It can be PUF, EPS, Rockwool, Glasswool. These materials have thermal insulation and acoustic properties. Some of the panels are also fire resistant.

Sandwich Puf Panel Sandwich Puf Panel Sandwich Puf Panel Sandwich Puf Panel Sandwich Puf Panel

What makes sandwich panels a popular choice?

Sandwich panels have gained wide popularity due to a number of reasons, particularly that of cost benefits. There are three major benefits of sandwich panes as below:

Construction time
In the traditional method of construction, the masonry work can take up to 7 to 8 months to be done. In prefabrication, a similar building takes 1 to 2 months to complete. Time is directly proportional to revenue. Therefore, revenues can be maximized if an office building or warehouse starts quickly. The faster the construction, the better is the revenue earned.

Construction process
Some industrial sectors often have critical construction requirements. Prefabrication is a dry construction process, in which there is no water needed during the construction process. The components are joined together using bolts, joists, fixtures, screws, etc. Whereas brick and mortar construction is a wet process, where water plays an important role for cementing, concreting, bricklaying, etc. Therefore in comparison, prefabrication takes significantly lesser time.

Cost factor
In prefabrication, the components are made in the factory and assembled at the site. There is no delay resulting from changing weather conditions. Also, vendors have their own labor workforce, so construction is not affected by a labor shortage, if the situation may arise. All these factors help reduce the cost to a large extent

Tips For Buying PUF Sandwich Panels:

(1) Panel should have been made on the high-pressure foaming machine (Perfect Density Range is 40 ± 2 kg/m³.
(2) The top & bottom sheet should have a minimum of 90gsm galvanaising (It makes it rust-resistant.)
(3) The metal sheet should have a minimum of 20-25 microns of Top Coat & 7 microns of Bottom Coat.
(4) Locking Arrangement of Panels: It should have Tounge & Groove, as well as a Cam Locking system

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