Prefabricated hospitals are the need of today world. (Reliable, Quick & Safe)

Prefabrication technology is a fastest growing construction technology that is taking the world by storm. The healthcare industry is also adopting prefabrication to a large extent. A recent study by a reputed firm states that modular construction is indeed the future. Med Modular, constructed in 2018 is the world’s first patient room that was built completely off site. It has a customised design which was done according to client specifications. Ever since, many other modular units for hospitals and health care centre have been built and supplied in different parts of the world.

Prefabricated Hospitals Prefabricated Hospitals

Prefabricated hospital buildings are quick to build and robust

Post corona virus pandemic, there has been a surge of demand for modular testing labs and isolation wards. Prefabricated modular health centre and hospital units are designed and built with high building safety standards. It is taken into consideration that these units will be used intensively. Hygiene standards and ergonomics are also the factors that are taken into consideration.

At EPACK, we make ICU units, general wards, pathology labs, doctor rooms, OPD units, patient waiting area, OT rooms and shower units using prefabrication. Our prefab hospital buildings serve as a economical alternative to traditional ones. All the manufacturing work is done in our own production facility, under a trained professional team. Our products are priced competitively.

The greatest benefits of prefabricated construction

The three greatest advantages of prefab over traditional construction are speed, cost, and durability.

Speed of construction -
At EPACK, we have recently completed a 15,000 sq ft Covid Hospital in southern part of India. It was completed in a record time span of 20 days. A series of liftable portacabins were used for construction of this hospital. The facility includes ICUs, isolation wards, doctor rooms, etc. This speed was achievable only through prefabrication.

Cost -
Prefabricated hospitals are made from materials that are reusable. Apart from this, it is very easy to disassemble and rebuild modular prefab units, which helps save a lot of cost in the long run. You can reuse the same structure instead of having to purchase new.

Durability -
Offsite construction entails higher precision and accuracy as compared to traditional construction, since construction happens in a controlled environment. The quality of manufacturing is never compromised. Our products go through a system of quality checks before rolling out and shipping to the client location. All of these processes put together make our prefab structures durable.

When compared to traditional construction, prefab modular hospitals are cost effective and can be constructed about 60 percent faster. This can be achieved through the process of pre engineering. In pre engineering, a structural drawing is made first, in which the entire factor are determined before production begins. Also, construction takes place in factory conditions, which ensures accuracy, since there is minimal human intervention. Unlike traditional construction, this is not delayed by factors changing weather condition, labour shortage, etc. The walls cladding is done with insulated sandwich panels, which are high on thermal insulation and thus, help retain room temperature, radiating off excessive heat. This makes the structures energy efficient and you incur savings on electricity too.

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