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Prefabricated steel buildings as the name itself sounds, is made of pre engineered steel. Fabrication is done in controlled environment inside the factory and then sent to client location for assembly. When compared to traditional construction, prefab involves the contractor designing the building. Design and build is the terminology in this industry. Predominantly suited for industrial and commercial needs, prefabricated construction is fast and economical. Since components are built in factory conditions, construction is not deterred by weather conditions, unlike traditional mode of construction. Modular structure ensures it can be dismantled and reused at another location.

Prefabricated steel buildings have structural strength and aesthetic appeal as well. The design and system enables fast construction and offers flexibility of expansion as and when one needs. There are columns and beams, which form the primary structure, which in turn is supported by a secondary structure consisting of purlins (C or Z shaped). Steel sheets are cut and welded together to form these sections. In factory, manufacturing happens in a production line with automated machinery. This process accounts for minimal error and increases efficiency.

The most cost effective cladding for these buildings are light corrugated steel sheeting for both wall and roofing. The other option for wall and roof cladding is sandwich panels. The raw materials used are corrosion free and pre painted with durable finish which last for years

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