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EPACK Prefab is the market leader in the field of Pre-Engineered Building in India and our expertise extends up to Pre-Fabricated Industrial Shed, Prefab Steel Building, Pre-Engineered Steel Building, PEB Shed, Prefabricated Steel Building, Prefabricated Warehouse and Prefabricated Industrial Building.

Our Pre-Engineered Buildings are known for their excellent designs and perfections. Fabricated with finest raw material, our Pre-Engineered Buildings are known for their versatile designs, safety and lower prices.These are basically steel structures that are specially built to be lighter in weight and high in strength.Our offered buildings are thermally insulated which is ideal to render energy efficient performance in industrial and commercial areas.

Our technologically adept professionals utilize the latest designing software and bring forth the client specific structures featuring assurance of aesthetics and compliance to the architectural standards.

These Pre Engineered Buildings can be provided with different structural and non-structural add-ons such as windows, wall lights, turbo outlets, ridge apertures, louvers, roof displays, doors & windows, blinds, mezzanine floors, facias, canopies, crane systems, insulation based on the customer”s requirements.More elastic and strong, these pre-engineered buildings are widely used as storerooms, workshops, hypermarkets, outlets, agencies, metro stations, institutes, shopping malls, infirmaries and municipal buildings. We designed these buildings as per the specification of the client. Moreover, our professionals are instrumental in offering this product in customized form so as to meet the varied requirements of the clients in an efficient way.

EPACK is a top Pre Engineered Building manufacturers offers turnkey solutions for multi Storey prefabricated buildings and with countless benefits to serve, is gaining a strong client network. The cost effective nature and uncompromised performance of these structures makes it a favoured construction choice

Pre Engineered Building in India has class leading machinery and delivers products that are made to last for a lifetime. E Pack offer construction solutions that are literally maintenance free and being durable offer extended service life.

Pre-Engineered Buildings Pre-Engineered Buildings Pre-Engineered Buildings Pre-Engineered Buildings Pre-Engineered Buildings Pre-Engineered Buildings

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Best Pre-Engineered Metal Building Manufacturer

Every building project is an investment in your business. This means that you should invest time conducting thorough research to understand what materials and construction company you should entrust to get the job done right the first time. You want to make sure that they have the design flexibility to match your specific business needs.

EPACK Prefab Polymer is one of the largest private construction firms in the prefabricated building industry, and is proud to serve the entire nation with industry-leading prefabricated metal buildings.

Our building systems team will design your building, perform the sitework and excavation, and construct your top-quality pre-engineered metal buildings when the construction phase is ready to begin.

Our industrial engineers have the experience, workforce, resources, and expertise to:
Custom-design your metal buildings to your specific needs and preferences
Manage the metal building project from development and design to erection and completion
Construct your metal building kit and bring your building dreams to reality

With the utilization of the advanced design system, BIM, a 3D building modeling software, and Tata steel, our engineering, and construction company can provide the industrial buildings solution you need for your Pre-Engineered Building Project.

Why is a prefabricated building the best choice for you ?

There are many benefits to choosing a pre-engineered building kit for your next construction project. Benefits of choosing a Pre-Engineered Building Kit from our knowledgeable building specialists:

An aesthetically-pleasing structurally designed metal building.
Our custom-engineered metal building systems are environmentally-friendly as we use Indian-made Tata steel, which is 90% recycled steel.
The design flexibility allows your metal buildings to meet your exact industry requirements and specifications.
Cost-effective processes in the design and erection of your commercial steel buildings will help decrease construction time.
Simplified building design and construction allow for a quick and efficient erection of your perfect metal building.
The structural designs of pre-engineered metal buildings are durable - holding up to Mother Nature's snowfall, high winds, downpours, and more.
Our pre-engineered steel buildings' structures are versatile, allowing for easy expansion in the future and accommodating for a wide range of metal building sizes.
Pre-engineered steel buildings can adapt to many energy-efficient insulation systems, which help reduce heating and cooling costs

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Work With EPACK Prefab The Top Pre-Engineered Builders

Our prefabricated building systems team takes pride in focusing on our relationships with clients, ensuring that we understand their specific needs and requirements for their steel buildings project.

E Pack develops and erects commercial metal buildings that provide building solutions that fit clients' needs and designs while also meeting all the local codes and requirements for industry-specific steel buildings.

With our company, you will have a full-service construction and building systems team (design, engineering, project management, installation, erection, and completion) for your next steel buildings project.

Major Components of Pre-Engineered Steel Building

1. Primary Components

Primary components of the PESB consists of mainframe, column, and rafters

A. Main Frame

Pre-Engineered Steel Building The main framing basically includes the rigid steel frames of the building. The PESB rigid frame comprises of tapered columns and tapered rafters. Flanges shall be connected to webs by means of a continuous fillet weld on one side.

The main framing basically includes the rigid steel frames of the building. The PEB rigid frame comprises tapered columns and tapered rafters (the fabricated tapered sections are referred to as built-up members). The tapered sections are fabricated using the state of art technology wherein the flanges are welded to the web. Splice plates are welded to the ends of the tapered sections. The frame is erected by bolting the splice plates of connecting sections together. All rigid frames shall be welded built-up “I” sections or hot-rolled sections. The columns and the rafters may be either uniform depth or tapered.

Flanges shall be connected to webs utilizing a continuous fillet weld on one side. All end wall roof beams and end wall columns shall be cold-formed “C” sections, mill-rolled sections, or built-up “I” sections depending on design requirements. Plates, Stiffeners, etc. All base plates splice plates, cap plates, and stiffeners shall be factory welded into place on the structural members. Built-up I section to build primary structural framing members (Columns and Rafters).

B. Columns

Pre-Engineered Steel Building The main purpose of the columns is to transfer the vertical loads to the foundations. In pre-engineered buildings, columns are made up of I sections which are most economical than others. The width and breadth will go on increasing from bottom to top of the column.

C. Rafters

A rafter is one of a series of sloped structural members (beams) that extend from the ridge or hip to the wall-plate, downslope perimeter or eave, and that are designed to support the roof deck and its associated loads.

2. Secondary Component

Purlins, Grits and Eave struts are secondary structural members used as support to walls and roof panels.
Purlins, Grits, and Eave struts are secondary structural members used as support to walls and roof panels. Purlins are used on the roof, Grits are used on the walls and Eave struts are used at the intersection of the sidewall and the roof. They are supplied with a minimum yield strength of 34.5KN/m. Secondary members act as struts that help in resisting part of the longitudinal loads that are applied on the building such as wind and earthquake loads and provide lateral bracing to the compression flanges of the mainframe members for increasing frame capacity.

Purlins, Grit-sand Eave struts are available in high-grade steel conforming to ASTM 607 Grade 50 or equivalent, available in 1.5 mm, 1.75 mm. 2.0 mm, 2.25 mm, 2.5 mm, and 3.0 mm in thickness. They come with a pre-galvanized finish, or factory painted with a minimum of 35 microns (DFT) of corrosion protection primer. Purlins and girts shall be cold-formed “Z” sections with stiffened flanges. Flange stiffeners shall be sized to comply with the requirements of the latest edition of AISI.

A. Purlins and Girts

Purlins and Girts Purlins are used on the roof; Grits are used on the walls and Eave struts are used at the intersection of the sidewall and the roof. Purlins and girts shall be cold-formed "Z" sections with stiffened flanges.

B. Eave Struts

Eave struts shall be unequal flange cold-formed "C" sections. Eave struts are 200 mm deep with a 104 mm wide top flange, a 118 mm wide bottom flange, both are formed parallel to the roof slope. Each flange has a 24 mm stiffener lip.

C. Bracings

BracingsCable bracing is a primary member that ensures the stability of the building against forces in the longitudinal direction such as wind, cranes, and earthquakes. Diagonal bracing in the roof and side walls shall be used.

3. Sheeting or Cladding

The sheets used in the construction of pre-engineered buildings are Base metal of either Galvalume coated steel conforming to ASTM A 792 M grade 345B or aluminum conforming to ASTM B 209M which is cold-rolled steel, high tensile 550 MPA yield stress, with hot dip metallic coating of Galvalume sheet.

4. Accessories

Non-structural parts of the buildings such as bolts, turbo ventilators, skylights, lovers, doors and windows, roof curbs and fasteners make the accessories components of the pre-engineered steel building.

Weather covering for roof and walls

To provide weather covering for roof and walls from the external condition, the steel structure needs to be covered fully/partially as per functional requirements. For all purposes, this covering provides access to all architectural and functional requirements as well. Normally, metal profiled steel sheets are used for covering purposes. Nowadays different color/color combinations are used to make building more aesthetic & elegant. There are various other elements of sheeting such as flashings, trims, ridge cover, peak panel, rack trim, drip trim, etc.

which is made of the same material as of sheeting and equally important for weather tight functioning of the building. A proper rainwater gutter for the collection of rainwater and a pipe for the discharge of water from the gutter to the ground is also a key element to the building for the overall performance of the building. All sheetings are joined together with the help of self-drilling/self-tapping screw and necessary sealing material such as butyl tape, sealant, foam filler, etc. are used to make buildings more efficient.

Mezzanine system

Now a day’s construction of a mezzanine system is very common being used in steel buildings for various purposes. In most of the factory or warehouse building shop floor offices, production offices, stores, maintenance office, washrooms, canteen, etc. are made above the shop floor area wherever surplus head rooms are available. This also helps in saving the floor area as well creates ease of serving being close.

This also reduces the cost of construction A typical mezzanine system is basically a joist beam construction taking support from the building columns as per availability and top of beams and joist deck slab is poured over GI decking of profiles metal sheet. A light reinforcement over decking and light concrete is used to make a permanent floor.


To install the steel building on the RCC pedestal/foundation, it is necessary to have an anchoring system suitably designed to take up various loads and forces of the building and to transfer the same to the ground through anchor bolts arrangement. The size of anchor bolts and its quantities are designed as per reactions calculated as per building design.

Building accessories

Various other building elements may not be important structurally but very important functionally and it adds the performance of the building. Skylight, wall light, Doors, windows, louvers, ventilators, turbo-vent, insulations, roof curb etc. are equally important to the smooth functioning of the building.

Crane system

All pre-engineered steel buildings can be designed for crane operation provision as per operational needs. There are various type of crane being used in industry for various purposes- EOT overhead crane with pendant or cabin operated, Overhung/under-slung crane system, Monorail crane or hoist system, Wall-mounted crane and Jib crane.

Paints and finishes

Pre-painted steel is produced on modern, high-speed coil painting lines where surface preparation before painting, paint application & paint curing is done on a highly automated line under optimum condition.

Comparison between Pre-Engineered and Conventional Steel Building

Properties Pre-Engineered Steel Building Conventional Steel Building
Structural Weight Pre-engineered buildings are on the average 30% lighter because of the efficient use of steel.
Secondary members are light weight roll formed “Z” or “C” shaped members.
Primary steel members are selected hot rolled “T” sections. Which are, in many segments of the members heavier than what is actually required by design.
Secondary members are selected from standard hot rolled sections which are much heavier.
Design Quick and efficient design since PEB’s are mainly formed by standard sections and connections design, time is significantly reduced. Each conventional steel structure is designed from scratch with fewer design aids available to the engineer.
Construction Period Average 6 to 8 weeks Average 20 to 26 weeks
Foundation Simple design, easy to construct and light weight. Extensive, heavy foundation required.
Erection and Simplicity Since the connection of compounds is standard the learning curve of erection for each subsequent project is faster. The connections are normally complicated and differ from project to project resulting tin increasing the time for erection of the buildings.
Erection Time and Cost The erection process is faster and much easier with very less requirement for equipment Typically, conventional steel buildings are 20% more expensive than PEB in most of the cases, the erection costs and time are not estimated accurately.
Erection process is slow and extensive field labour is required. Heavy equipment is also needed.
Seismic Reistance The low weight flexible frames offer higher resistance to seismic forces. Rigid heavy frames do not perform well in seismic zones.
Over all Cost Price per square meter may be as low as by 30 % than the conventional building. Higher price per square meter.
Architecture Outstanding architectural design can be achieved at low cost using standard architectural details and interfaces. Special architectural design and features must be developed for each project which often requires research and thus resulting in higher cost.
Future Expansion Future expansion is very easy and simple. Future expansion is most tedious and more costly.
Safety and Responsibility Single source of responsibility is there because the entire job is being done by one supplier. Multiple responsibilities can result in question of who is responsible when the components do not fit in properly, insufficient material is supplied or parts fail to perform particularly at the supplier/contractor interface.
Performance All components have been specified and designed specially to act together as a system for maximum efficiency, precise fir and peak performance in the field. Components are custom designed for a specific application on a specific job. Design and detailing errors are possible when assembling the diverse components into unique buildings.

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Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Building

1. Reduction in Construction Time

Buildings are typically delivered in just a few weeks after approval of drawings. Foundation and anchor bolts are cast parallel with finished, ready for the site bolting. In India, the use of PEB will reduce the total construction time of the project by at least 50%. This also allows for faster occupancy and earlier realization of revenue.

2. Lower Cost

Due to the systems approach, there is a significant saving in design, manufacturing and on-site erection cost. The secondary members and cladding nest together reducing transportation cost.

3. Flexibility of Expansion

Buildings can be easily expanded in length by adding additional bays. Also, expansion in width and height is possible by pre-designing for future expansion.

4. Larger Spans

Buildings can be supplied to around 80M clear spans.5

5. Quality Control

As buildings are manufactured completely in the factory under controlled conditions the quality is assured.

6. Low Maintenance

Buildings are supplied with high-quality paint systems for cladding and steel to suit ambient conditions at the site, which results in long durability and low maintenance costs.

7. Energy-Efficient Roofing and Wall Systems

Buildings can be supplied with polyurethane insulated panels or fiberglass blankets insulation to achieve required “U” values.

8. Architectural Versatility

The building can be supplied with various types of fascias, canopies, and curved eaves and are designed to receive precast concrete wall panels, curtain walls, block walls and other wall systems.

9. Single Source Availability

As the complete building package is supplied by a single vendor, compatibility of all the building components and accessories is assured. This is one of the major benefits of pre-engineered building systems.

Applications of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

The major application of PESB is found in the following-

Houses & Living Shelters Factories Warehouses Aircraft Hangers Sports Halls ( Indoor and Outdoor) Supermarkets Workshops Office Buildings Labor Camps Petrol Pumps/Service Buildings Schools Community centers

Our facilities :

We have following Equipments to cater to manufacturing of Quality Pre-Engineered Building.

Shear Machine: Automatic with tapper setting and length up to 6300 MM LONG and thickness up to 16mm of plates
Shear Machine: Mechanical Shear Machine to cut up to 3000 mm and 2 mm thickness.
SAW Machine : For quality welding
MIG Welding : 05 MIG Welding Machine
ARC Welding : 02 MIG Welding Machine
Radial Drill : To drill up to 50 mm
Magnetic Drill : To drill up to 50 mm in any angle
Chaser Machine: To make foundation bolt, SAG Rods and Brace rods
Power Press : 50 Tonne Power press to punch bend clits, Angles etc.
PUG Cutting : To cut higher thickness by Gas
Roll Forming : 02 nos. Roll Forming Machines to produce Hi RiB Profile sheets
Roll Forming : 01 nos. Roll Forming to produce Sigma, “Z” and “C” Purlins.1 mm to 3 mm in thickness
Crimping M/c. : To make NLC and curved sheets
Press Break : To make Accessories like Gutter, Barge, Rack Angle, Down take etc.
Folding Machine: To make accessories of any angle – Manual
Mobile Crane : ACE make 14 tonne capacity mobile crane
Total Area for production and storage is 50000 sq. ft with two overhead cranes of 5 tonne each.

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