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In prefabricated buildings, the walls and roofing are typically constructed using polyurethane sandwich panels. These panels are constructed out of a layer of thermally insulating material that is positioned in between two metal sheets. This is how sandwich panels and insulated sandwich panels got their names. The metal sheets provide the panel with a source of structural force.

Sandwich panels are broken down into their respective types according to the thermal insulating panels that they contain. It could be made of rockwool, glasswool, PUF, or EPS. These materials have acoustic qualities as well as the ability to insulate against heat. Additionally, some of the panels have a resistance to fire.

Sandwich panels have exploded in popularity for a number of different reasons, chief among which is their advantageous pricing structure. The following are the three primary advantages offered by sandwich panes:

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Time allotted for construction

Masonry work, when carried out using the conventional way of construction, might take as long as seven to eight months to complete. When using prefabrication, a structure of a similar type can be finished in one to two months. The passage of time has a direct bearing on one's income. Therefore, one can potentially maximise income by having a quick start in an office building or warehouse. The quicker the construction can be completed, the more money may be made.

Construction Process

Many different types of industrial sectors frequently have essential construction requirements. The construction process known as prefabrication is known as a dry construction procedure since it does not require the use of water at any point during the process. A variety of fasteners, including bolts, joists, fittings, and screws, are used to attach the component parts together. In contrast, building with brick and mortar is a wet process, in which water plays an essential part in the processes of cementing, concreting, bricklaying, and other similar activities. Therefore, when compared, the amount of time required for prefabrication is much smaller.

Determinant of cost

In prefabrication, the individual parts are constructed in a factory before being transported to the construction site for final assembly. There will be no delay as a result of the constantly shifting weather conditions. In addition, because vendors employ their very own workforces, the construction industry is not negatively impacted by the possibility of a scarcity of labourers. All of these elements contribute, to varying degrees, to the cost reduction.

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