At EPACK PREFAB, we are masters of the pre-engineered building. Factory sheds are a subset of factory buildings. Industrial sheds differ significantly from warehouses in that they feature roof ventilation systems. Our commercial buildings have wind-powered turbo fans that keep the space comfortably cool and fresh. There will be substantial savings on electricity bills as a result of this. The use of thermally insulated walls is made possible but not required by such a natural ventilation system. Depending on your needs, you may find that installing a single sheet of wall cladding is the most cost-effective option. The necessary amount of natural light from the sky is also provided so that workers can thrive.

EPACK PREFAB is driven to provide the best service possible because we know that satisfied customers are our most valuable asset. Our manufacturing setup for industrial shed components is supervised by professionals to ensure accuracy.

With EPACK PREFAB, the leading industrial shed company in India, you can rest assured that your building will be planned and built to your exact specifications. These commercial structures are made from premium materials and will last a lifetime thanks to careful craftsmanship. The characteristics of these factory-made buildings are as follows:

(1) Robust design that provides optimum longevity
(2) Resistance to rust, moisture and UV rays
(3) Fast installation and construction method, as opposed to conventional sheds
(4) Bestfireresistant design
(5) Cost effective mode of construction

PEB Industrial Shed PEB Industrial Shed PEB Industrial Shed PEB Industrial Shed PEB Industrial Shed PEB Industrial Shed

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Technology Used

Wall: PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels deployed of 50 / 60mm with PPGI sheet on both sides.
Roof: PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 30 / 40 mm or PPGI roofing sheet.
Doors: Insulated Doors with all accessories will be made from our manufacturing facility
Windows: Aluminum anodized sliding windows will be provided from our manufacturing setup
Structure and Accessories: All required supporting accessories and structure will be provided before project delivery.
Electrical fittings, sanitary fittings, beds etc will be installed as per client specifications.


Industrial sheds manufactured by EPACK PREFAB have the following applications:

Industrial sector
Commercial sector
Manufacturing sector
Warehousing solutions
Factory building


Twenty years in the industry

During those two decades, we've learned a lot about the manufacturing industry. In-house, we have everything we need to carry out a project from start to finish. From first client contact through final installation, our whole staff has received extensive training.
We ensure that your industrial shed built by EPACK PREFAB will last for a long time as well as Our Pre Engineered Industrial Sheds are strong, lightweight, and inexpensive.

Quality Checks

EPACK PREFABhas a dedicated quality assurance group working on improving the product for customers. Every item is inspected to ensure it meets the standards set out, and only then is it sent out for delivery. After the product has been tested and found to be of satisfactory quality, it is shipped out to the building site.

India-Wide Distribution System

Our transport and service network spans the entire country.
Both aesthetics and functionality are equally prioritised in the final goods.
Our in-house team of seasoned experts and innovative thinkers manufactures each solution for your construction needs.

Epack Group Overview

EPACK Prefab is a part of East India group having a wide product portfolio and a group turnover of over 650 Crores. East India Group established in 1989 started with manufacturing of.

Our History

EPACK Prefab is one of the leading providers of turnkey solution for innovative and efficient building materials and packaging solutions. Organization principal activity comprises of Insulated.

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We the people of EPACK Prefab, commit ourselves to the following values in executing our tasks and interacting with one another. These values guide our decisions and influence our thinking..

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