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EPACK Prefab Liftable cabins gives you a ready to move in solution to all your construction needs. With its unique design & technology, EPACK Prefab polymers (P) ltd turn out to be the largest manufacturer & supplier of insulated Liftable cabins which can be use for various applications like container offices, portable cabins, bunk houses, movable cabins, mobile shelters, portable toilets etc. These Liftable cabins can be designed to complement existing facilities or provide a modern appearance. These cabins are the most convenient & optimal solutions, where the use of such cabin is frequent because it can be easily lifted and shifted to another place. EPACK Prefab Liftable cabins are designed & developed on the basis of ISO specifications & user friendly conditions for end use keeping in mind the structural stability, earth quake resistant, weather resistant, leak resistant & faultless operation under extreme climatic condition. There is no compromise on specification either: the flexibility, the load bearing capacity of the cabin. The side walls & ceiling of the cabins are made up of insulated PUF/EPS panels which make them best suited to hot region as well as cold region too. EPACK Prefab Liftable cabins gives you a ready to move in solution to all your construction needs.

No civil foundation is required; it can be easily placed on a plain surface.
Complete maintenance free, even though no paint is required, because the surface of the wall and roof is made up of Pre-Painted Galvanized iron sheet (PPGI).
Fixing of smoke detectors, fire fighting equipments, AC's are easily possible for safety and better facilities.
These Liftable cabins are insulated resulting to higher energy savings and more comfort in adverse conditions due to insulation
Complete earthquake resistant, weather resistant & leak resistant.
It can also be dismantle & re-assemble.
It can easily transported in truck in dismantle form where distance is too long which also saves your transportation cost .

Liftable Cabin Liftable Cabin

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EPACK Prefab is a part of East India group having a wide product portfolio and a group turnover of over 650 Crores. East India Group established in 1989 started with manufacturing of.

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EPACK Prefab is one of the leading providers of turnkey solution for innovative and efficient building materials and packaging solutions. Organization principal activity comprises of Insulated.

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