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The demands on construction sites are growing significantly as civil engineering reaches new heights. Prefabricated industrial sheds are extremely popular right now since they can be quickly assembled and disassembled while still being affordable.

The greatest alternatives for an commercial shed are available from Prefab, the leading maker of prefabricated structures, for a price comparable to regular construction. Several industries are using pre designed buildings nowadays, and they are widely used.

One of the most in-demand goods in the construction sector is pre-engineered commercial shelters. In India, EPACK Prefab has positioned itself as the supplier and producer of industrial sheds with the quickest rate of growth.
In India, EPACK Prefab has positioned itself as the supplier and producer of commercial industrial sheds with the quickest rate of growth.

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Features :

The leading commercial shed company in India, EPACK Prefab, caters to the complete requirements of the customer, which forms the cornerstone of their progress and success. Custom-designed architecture and client-specific construction remain the top priorities of our prefabricated buildings. These commercial sheds are guaranteed to last a lifetime thanks to the use of premium raw materials and a meticulous manufacturing procedure. These pre-engineered constructions have the features listed below:

Durable construction that provides maximum endurance
Ability to withstand corrosion, moisture, and UV rays
Unlike traditional barns, quick installation and construction methods
optimum fire-resistant architecture
a construction alternative that is affordable

Applications :

In practically every industry, from the aerospace to the food and beverage, EPACK Prefab's extensive line of PEB commercial sheds are best suited for the construction requirements. The fact that the sheds can be enhanced with additional insulation support to satisfy individual building requirements and to provide excellent alternatives for increased energy savings and low consumption is another advantageous characteristic of the structures.

The best of the commercial sheds manufactured by EPACK Prefab find applications as following:

❖ Transport industry ❖ Chemical industry ❖ Manufacturing centers ❖ Warehouses ❖ Commercial outlet

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EPACK Prefab is a part of East India group having a wide product portfolio and a group turnover of over 650 Crores. East India Group established in 1989 started with manufacturing of.

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EPACK Prefab is one of the leading providers of turnkey solution for innovative and efficient building materials and packaging solutions. Organization principal activity comprises of Insulated.

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