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Clean Room Doors

E-Pack offers Clean Rooms construction with PUF / EPS Insulated Panels and caters to industry segments like Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Electronics, Automobiles, Food, Nutraceutical & Food Indredients, Paint or Coating Booth, and R & D.
We offer the Clean room solutions from inception for enclosures and interface with the HVAC, Electrical, and Civil vendors at the design stage itself. This gives an edge upon others on meeting the exact requirement of our customers. The ceilings are walk on and non walk on both types. Our Clean Room enclosures are fully compatible for the approval from the Regulatory bodies like USFDA, EUGMP and WHO.

Range of thickness of Wall & Ceiling Panels: 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm.

• Custom Built & Pre-engineered construction with PUF / EPS Wall & Ceiling Panel construction
• Walk On and Non Walk On Ceiling Panels
• View Glasses- Fully fixed and flushed with the walls & double glazed
• Return Air Riser boxes on the Wall Panels to treat higher volume of air
• Clean Room compatible doors with Kick plate and drop seal at bottom of the leaves
• PVC / Aluminium Coving

• High and Consistent quality as the panels are factory made
• Frame less construction yet strong, sturdy and durable
• Easily cleanable and maintenance free systems
• Non-shedding and non-flaking properties with superior finish
• Higher energy savings due to insulated constructions
• Less timelines to erect the enclosures
• Flexibility for expansion

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Clean Room Doors
Clean Room Doors
Clean Room Doors

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