Building With EPACK Sandwich Panel

Construction is always an important factor for any country and bring its impact on the environment directly. But when we talk about construction then pre engineered building segment also discuss for sure. All type of construction brings impact on environment but the impact of prefabricated construction is very less as compared to the other construction. This is one of the reasons why mostly people believe in this type of construction either the project is Government or any private project. Sandwich panel is a prefabricated product which is used commonly in almost every type of construction because of various advantages. Sandwich panels are cost effective, highly durable, energy efficient and most importantly green building material.

PUF Panel

EPACK Polymers Private limited is one of the leading sandwich panel manufacturer in India and offers wide range of insulated panels. EPACK’s sandwich PUF panels are manufactured in a controlled environment in the presence of experienced technical team of qualified professionals. Insulated panels are cost effective choice as compared to the traditional construction but PUF panel price varies according to the customer’s requirements. EPACK always focus on the quality of the products and manufactured sandwich panel using high grade raw material with the help of latest machinery and provide top quality PUF Panels.

Importance of sandwich panels in building : Sandwich insulated panel is an important factor in prefabricated construction because it is a energy saving product and save up to 60% on energy cost and provide better control over internal comfort. These panels are well insulated and any outside temperature does not affect on the building. PUF panel and EPS panel both are light weight products, can be easily transfer from one place to another without any problem. Maintenance cost of these sandwich panels are very low, can be clean with cleaning liquid. If we talk about traditional construction the maintenance cost is very high and not an easy task that can be done quickly. If need to dismantle the prefabricated structure then all panels can be uninstall with zero wastage and these panels can be used somewhere else in new structure.

Points To Note Before Choosing PEB Company

PEB Company

Indian Construction has changed a lot in recent past few decades and one of the main reason is pre engineered buildings construction. The demand of pre engineered buildings increasing due to various advantages like cost effectiveness, recyclability, design flexibility, quick construction and high durability. PEB become very popular because of this type features which are in favor of every customers. There are various PEB companies in India which are manufacturing steel buildings for their clients but few PEB company manufacturing using high quality material to complete the projects. There are many things which is to be note before choosing PEB company for construct any steel structure, whether it is a private construction or any Government project. Few Notable things are as following :

Quality Products for building: Quality of the material is the main thing is to be note before choosing any PEB company for construction. When the quality products are used in any steel building then the structure will be strong and highly durable automatically. Quality is main concern for all PEB companies in India but few companies do their job in a right manner. EPACK Polymers Private Limited is one of leading construction company among the top PEB companies in India, which always focus on the quality of the material and manufacture top quality PEB structure. EPACK known for fast construction and commitment of on time delivery of the project.

Choose Experienced PEB Company : When you are planing for any PEB construction then always choose a experienced PEB Manufacturing company for it, because experienced PEB company always contain experienced team of qualified professionals which maintain the standard of the company for manufacturing quality products using high grade raw material. Experienced technical team always capable of manufacturing any type of steel structures in any location. Sometimes problems comes in the construction building, this type of teams can handle the situation and even guide the customer for any changes regarding the design expansion. Experienced PEB Company can also guide the client for what type of products are the right choice for their building construction.

Pre Engineered Building(PEB) for Altitude location

Pre Engineered Building(PEB) is the most preferred choice of construction today due to high success by their use in various applications. PEB covers almost every type of structures including low rise, mid rise and high rise structures pan India. These pre engineered buildings are flexible and environment friendly, suit for all type of environment conditions. This type of construction is actually fit for complete the requirements of customers. Innovative designs and cost effectiveness impresses everyone in PEB construction.


Why PEB Construction:

Construction is always very difficult in every altitude location due to material transportation and weather conditions. Traditional construction is a time taking process and does not suit for challenging location because of weather conditions. Even traditional construction costly due long and delay process in these altitude locations. More time and more labor is always at end of construction is very high costing. PEB is best suit for high altitude location in India. There are many reasons behind it and they are as:

1. Fast Construction : Prefabricated structure’s products are manufactured by PEB companies in India and once all the products are ready then transport to the construction site. All the products are install by fabrication team in few days or few weeks at construction site. So it is very fast construction as compared with any construction.

2. Best Suit For Weather Conditions: Steel buildings products are manufactured in a controlled environment in according to the industrial standard under the technical team of qualified professionals. These steel buildings products are well painted with using special monocoat paint technology many times, so any weather conditions does not affect on steel structure. If we talk about RCC Building then moisture affect the RCC wall because of the absorption of moisture but in steel building it does not happened.

3. Recyclability: If rcc structure dismantle then hardly a material is reusable otherwise all the material are wastage in this construction. But if dismantle the PEB structure then all the material is reusable due to zero wastage and can be install somewhere else with the same strength.

4. Cost Saving : PEB is cost saving because of fast construction and less labor required in it. Traditional construction is time taking process and required more labor to complete it , as a result cost is very high in this construction.

PEB is a complete solution to manufacture buildings in altitude location in India and in favor of customers. Actually PEB is the best choice for every type of construction need.

PEB Industrial Shed : A Smart Choice

PEB construction is trending these days due to various attractive features like fast construction, cost effectiveness, innovative design, high durability, strong strength and most importantly recyclability. Industrial shed in industries are mostly used to store the raw materials or for manufacturing products. These industrial sheds are manufactured for large workshops, warehouses, storage plants, agriculture farms, godowns, manufacturing plants, factories, Dairy farms etc.

PEB Industrial Shed

If you are planning for manufacturing any type of industrial shed then pre engineered building is the right choice for its construction. There are various reasons to choose prefabricated construction for your structure.

Time & Cost Saving : In PEB construction, once the products are ready to transfer at construction site then installation can be completed within few days or few weeks. But in RCC construction, it is time taking process and more labour is required to complete the construction. If the project is on large scale then products can be purchase d in bulk and PEB manufacturers provide at cheap price, as a result benefit will goes directly to the customer. PEB construction takes less time as compared to rcc construction. Time and money both are important factors in everyone’s life and PEB provide both.

Zero Wastage: If PEB Industrial shed structure is needed to be dismantled due to some reason, then all the material are zero wastage but if we dismantle the rcc structure then all the material is wasted, hardly any material is okay. Dismantled PEB structure can also install somewhere else without any problem but RCC structure does not provide this type of features. So PEB construction leaves minimal waste after any dismantling.

Pollution free construction : PEB construction is always environment-friendly. RCC construction always tends to leaves a lot of dust and is noisy as opposed to PEB.

So overall we can say that PEB construction for any type of industrial shed is the smart choice in the construction industry.

Pre Engineered Buildings – A Construction Demand

Pre Engineered Buildings

Pre engineered buildings is trending today everywhere because PEB hit the construction market in a major way that more than 60% of the non-residential low-rise building in West are pre-engineered. This is possible because of various attracting advantages of pre engineered buildings. If we talk about India then India is fastest growing market in the PEB construction segment. Pre engineered building provide full satisfaction to customers for their steel building construction. Prefabricated construction is not the new technique in the construction industry but unique design and fast construction impresses everyone, that is only reason why everyone choosing PEB Construction for all needs.

The use of PEB ranges from multi storey building, industrial building, Industrial warehouse, workshop, showroom, community centers, bridges, railway stations, stadium, school, aircraft hanger, metro station, shelter, railway storage yards, commercial complex, high rise steel structure, exhibition centers and many more. So Pre engineered building cover almost every type of construction. Cost effectiveness, consistent quality and fast delivery of products to customers is definitely the reason which are in favor of customers. PEB is a environment friendly construction and even suitable for challenging locations.

Prefabricated construction provide the facility of flexible design for customers and allow customer for customization for the steel structure, whenever they feel to extend the design of the building. Time saving and cost saving are the two important factors which also comes in everyone’s favor. Pre engineered building construction is time saving as well as cost saving and smart choice for any construction need. These attracting features of prefabricated construction increase the demand of pre engineered building in the construction market. PEB is a complete solution for low rise, medium rise and high rise steel structure whether it is a private project or any Government project.

Sandwich Panel– The Preferred Choice of Builders and Developers

Construction industry is rapidly growing in the world over the last two decades. It is possible because of prefabricated structure construction, prefabricated construction provide various attracting features to customers which are in customer’s favor. This is main reason behind the popularity of prefabricated structures. Sandwich panel is a prefabricated structure product which is used nowadays in almost every construction.

Sandwich Panel

In construction industry builders and developers actually knows the benefits of using sandwich panel in the any type of building or structure. Any kind of panel like PUF panel, EPS panel, Rockwool panel, glass wool panel etc. all are energy saving and save energy upto 40-50% yearly. All sandwich panel use for different purposes in industry. EPS panel is suitable for ceiling and walls, PUF panel is use for building roofs, walls and to cater to all cooling requirements, rockwool panel has excellent fireproof, sound absorbing, heat insulating, and sound insulating properties. So rockwool use for control room, generator room, inverter room etc.

The benefit of using sandwich panel in construction are as:

Cost Effective : These panels are cost effective as compared with tradition construction, customer can get at affordable price. Sandwich can easily install but traditional construction is a time taking process.

Design flexibility : Prefabricated structures ranging from low cost housing, cold rooms, clean rooms, hospitals, food storage rooms etc. are made of using sandwich panels. If need to extend the design of any prefabricated structures than can easily done in this construction but traditional construction does not provide this type of feature.

Cost Saving: To install the insulated panels in prefabricated structures required less labor and time, so as a result using of sandwich panel is cost saving. Traditional construction is time taking process to complete the structure, hence require more labor & time for long time, as result wastage of lot of money in this construction.

Time & Money both are the important things in today’s time. So use of sandwich panel in prefabricated structures is a time money saving thing. This is main reason why sandwich panel is the preferred choice of builders and developers in the construction industry.

How Pre Engineered Building is Perfect For Everyone?

Are you planning for a perfect building? Everyone have their own dream for manufacturing their residence or for any kind of business building structure and many people invest lot of money to complete that dream. A building is either for business point of view or personal purpose, pre engineered building is a perfect choice for all kind of requirements. There are various reason behind the preferred choice of prefabricated structure for residential and non residential building in the world.

Pre Engineered Building

In India prefabricated structure is growing at very fast rate from last a decade. Actually pre engineered building provide numerous attracting features that are in favor of customers and fulfill the all requirements of client. That’s why the only mostly structures are pre engineered building in India. The features of Pre engineered buildings are as:

Earthquake resistant : Pre engineered buildings are very strong in strength and protect buildings from any earthquakes effect. While no structure can be entirely immune to damage from earthquakes but still it is better option as compared to tradition building because prefabricated structures are provide zero wastage material.

Green Construction: Pre engineered buildings are a pollution free construction, while traditional construction always a dust full and noisy construction way. So prefabricated structure provide a well environment for the on site working professionals during all the construction work. As a result structure will be manufactured with the right mindset within the time.

Cost & Time Saving: Prefabricated structures always a cost & time saving construction. There are many PEB companies in India which manufactures prefabricated structure and once the products are ready to transport then limited people can install all the products at the construction site. Any prefabricated structure can be completed within few days or few weeks, so PEB takes less time and less labour to complete the structure. If any client have requirement on large scale then can purchase in bulk quantity and as result cost saving on material also get from the peb companies.

Design flexibility :If any customer need to extend the building then can be done easily in PEB construction while traditional construction does not provide this type of feature.

Recyclability : If prefabricated structure need to dismantle by some reason then all the waste material can reused in the same capacity at any new place. In Traditional construction all the material are the wastage , rarely any material is reusable.

So finally we can say that Pre Engineered Building is the ideal choice for every type of construction that fulfill all the requirements of customer.

Evolution of Pre Engineered Building(PEB)

Construction industry is rapidly growing because evolution has been seen from last few years. Many technological changes came in construction during last 10 years and as a result quality of life through this technology has been upgraded. Pre Engineered building(PEB) is one of the technology which used recently in construction and that change the perspective of people. PEB technology provide various attractive features to customers and fulfill the client’s requirements very fast.

Prefabricated structures are cost and time saving technology which help customers directly. PEB technology provides design flexibility for steel structures that are most important things in this construction because no other construction provide this type of feature. There are various pre engineered building manufacturers in Indian construction industry which are using different software for designing purposes. Designing work complete by using many software like MBS, Staad Pro, AutoCAD etc. This technological change has made work very easy in construction industry.

Pre Engineered Building

Pre engineered buildings are cost effective for customer in terms of time & cost saving, strong for any earthquake condition and highly durable. This peb technology was used for limited sectors but now prefabricated structures has grabbed almost every sector. PEB is used now for all type of structures including low rise, medium rise and high rise steel structures. This evolution is also the reason of attracting features of prefabricated structures. Tradition construction is a time taking process, so everyone choosing prefab structures whether it is a private or government project.

With rising population and economy, there is an ever increasing in demand for housing. The concept of pre engineered buildings has been widely adopted around the world. It is very successful in US and Australia. The proliferation in now slowly happening in Europe. Pre-engineered construction is about 40% faster than traditional brick and mortar. In India, the PEB market is expected to grow at 11.63% CAGR from 2016 to 2020.

Why EPS Panel is Better Over Traditional Construction?

Prefabricated construction is the preferred choice over traditional construction these days. EPS panel is used in prefabricated structure for walls, roofs, and foundations. EPS insulated panels offer an innovative option related to construction as well as maintenance as compared to traditional constructions. These insulated panel are strong, highly durable, easy to maintenance, easy to relocate and completely recyclable. The biggest benefit is the cost saving including cost of construction, material, worker and most importantly time saving.

EPS Panel

EPS panel have the following advantages over traditional construction and they are as:

  • Prefabricated EPS panel do not required skilled labour to erect the structure. Building can be erected with local support with minimum training and as a result it save the labour cost as well. But in traditional construction required proper labour and tools as well which are costly.
  • Once insulated Panels are ready to transport then easily can install at construction site without any advance preparation. In tradition construction need proper preparation to manufacture the building.
  • If dismantle the traditional structure then hardly a material is reusable otherwise all material are wastage. But in prefabricated structures, insulated panels can easily uninstall and all material can use somewhere else .
  • EPS panel required little bit maintenance in prefabricated structures. EPS panels are very easy to clean and can occasionally wipe to remove the dust. so required minimum effort for maintenance in EPS Panel. But in traditional constructions required regular maintenance and improvement.
  • Insulated panels are used for sound proof purpose like in generator room and heat reducing purpose in prefabricated construction. But in traditional construction you can’t get features. So EPS panels are save the energy up to 40-50 % yearly because of thermal insulation.
  • Design flexibility is a attractive advantage in prefabricated construction and panels are available in different thickness. If need to expand the design then easily can do it but traditional construction does allow for it.

So finally we can say that the use EPS panel in prefabricated construction is better over traditional construction

Increasing Demand of Pre Engineered Building

Pre Engineered Building construction is trending at the present time all around the world. According to market research analysis the pre engineered buildings (PEB) market in India will growth with an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 16% over the forecast period. PEB technology is one of the most preferred and sustainable construction method in construction industry because various attracting advantages of PEB like cost effectiveness, recyclability, quick construction, durability & design flexibility.

Pre Engineered Building

As a result of The Make in India campaign and Smart City initiated by the government of India, there has been a rise huge demand of pre engineered building for infrastructure from all sectors in the country. Pre engineered buildings are quickly constructed. This is the main reason why PEB technology is being used in government’s infrastructure campaign for quick result. Pre engineered building construction’s demand is rising not just in government project , but also in the private sectors like industrial warehouse, industrial shed, multi storey building, metro station, cold storage etc.

Traditional construction is time taking process as compared to PEB construction. There are lot of labour and money required to complete the project in tradition construction but PEB is cost effective choice in construction. Due to the rise in the awareness of the advantages of PEB, everyone is choosing prefabricated construction in the country. Recyclability is most attracting advantages in Pre Engineered Buildings, if need to dismantle the prefabricated building due to some reason then easily can dismantle building and hardly material found wastage in it, all material is recyclable.

Pre engineered building is the fastest construction method as compared to conventional method and its demands for construction activities will definitely increase in next few years.