Increasing Demand of Pre Engineered Building

Pre Engineered Building construction is trending at the present time all around the world. According to market research analysis the pre engineered buildings (PEB) market in India will growth with an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 16% over the forecast period. PEB technology is one of the most preferred and sustainable construction method in construction industry because various attracting advantages of PEB like cost effectiveness, recyclability, quick construction, durability & design flexibility.

Pre Engineered Building

As a result of The Make in India campaign and Smart City initiated by the government of India, there has been a rise huge demand of pre engineered building for infrastructure from all sectors in the country. Pre engineered buildings are quickly constructed. This is the main reason why PEB technology is being used in government’s infrastructure campaign for quick result. Pre engineered building construction’s demand is rising not just in government project , but also in the private sectors like industrial warehouse, industrial shed, multi storey building, metro station, cold storage etc.

Traditional construction is time taking process as compared to PEB construction. There are lot of labour and money required to complete the project in tradition construction but PEB is cost effective choice in construction. Due to the rise in the awareness of the advantages of PEB, everyone is choosing prefabricated construction in the country. Recyclability is most attracting advantages in Pre Engineered Buildings, if need to dismantle the prefabricated building due to some reason then easily can dismantle building and hardly material found wastage in it, all material is recyclable.

Pre engineered building is the fastest construction method as compared to conventional method and its demands for construction activities will definitely increase in next few years.

PEB – A Smart Investment Solution For Construction

India is a developing country and construction plays an important role in development of India because of the huge growth of prefabricated structure. Government plans every year for manufacturing many projects like smart cities, complexes, hospital, schools, bridges, metro stations, airport and many more. These Government development projects are always on a large scale. Even the Warehousing sector in India is growing at a rate of 35-40 % every year. Pre Engineered Buildings(PEB) is not only for Government projects, it is also important for private sector including low rise, mid rise and high rise structures.


Quick construction, cost effectiveness, durability, reusability and design flexibility are the some prominent advantages of PEB. From a simple structure to complicated high-rise structures, PEB has established its credibility. This is main reason why everyone is choosing prefab construction for personal and government projects. There are many PEB companies in India which are providing world class steel building solution regularly in construction industry and EPACK Polymers Private Limited is one of them. EPACK has vast experience of manufacturing all type of steel structures and always focus on the quality of products.

Time & Cost Saving :

Any PEB project save time and money for customer that is important thing in today’s busy schedule. In prefab construction, after manufacturing all steel products by PEB manufacturer then all products are dispatched to the construction site. Installation can be completed within few days or week. To install the prefab structure less labour is required, as result labour cost is also low. This process of manufacturing, transportation and Installation take less time as compared to traditional construction. When project is on a large scale then steel buyer can purchase in bulk and as a result, the cost of steel is also lower. So it costs less which benefits the customer.

“Time is money” is perfect said by someone, Now PEB has proved this. So finally we can say that PEB is definitely a smart investment solution for construction.

Prefabricated Structures – A Smart Investment

Prefabricated Structures

Prefab construction is currently trending in construction industry all around the world. Prefabricated construction is basically all about the manufacturing steel products, transporting to the construction site and installing all steel products at construction site with the help of nut bolts. These steel building products are manufactured in manufacturing plant of PEB companies under experienced technical team of qualified professionals. These Products are manufactured according to industrial standard. Prefabricated structures durability is mainly depend upon quality of the products. There are lot of peb companies in India which are providing steel building solution in different locations in India. Prefabricated structure is smart investment because of various advantages of prefabrication and the are following as:

1. Less Construction Time: Time saving is very important in everyone’s point of view. Prefabricated structures take less time to complete it when compared to traditional construction. In Prefabricated construction, once products are ready to transport at site then installation can be completed within a week or few days.

2. Financial Savings : Financial Savings is one of the best advantages of prefabricated construction. Prefabricated construction targets all budgets and price points, creating an affordable option. Even PEB manufacturers often receive discounts when purchase in bulk from material suppliers which then trickles down to the cost of construction project. So as a result it save the financial cost.

3. Reusability:  If need to dismantle the prefabricated structure by some reason then all the materials are reusable and can be install somewhere else. But if need to dismantle the RCC structure then almost all materials are wastage, hardly any material is reusable.

4. Safety : All the products are manufactured in a controlled environment of manufacturing plant of company by using dry materials, so there is less risk for problems associated with moisture and dirt. This type of manufacturing provide surety to reduce weather related health risks on construction site. Safety is most importance thing for workers who are at the site.

5. Final Fact: With the popularity of prefabricated construction, it right to say that prefabricated construction is a smart investment for project. Quick construction, cost effectiveness and high durability benefiting for PEB manufacturer and their customer relationships. These type of benefits everyone choosing prefabricated structures for construction.

Why PEB is Best Choice For Challenging Location?

The construction industry in India is growing steadily since the last few years. Pre Engineered Building(PEB) have delivered huge success through their variety of applications. According to construction Industry statistics Government of India is going to invest INR 480 billion in its smart cities projects that will transform the urban landscape of India. PEB becoming very popular because of numerous advantages like quick construction, cost effectiveness, durability, reusability and design flexibility. From a simple structure to complicated high-rise structures, PEB has astonished everyone with their impressive result. Due to popularity of prefab construction even the PEB is best choice for For challenging location. This is the main reason why everyone preferring PEB construction to place of RCC construction.


There are numerous peb companies in India which are doing good work in construction industry and are fulfilling client’s need. But few PEB manufacturers are working for the typical locations and EPACK Polymers Private Limited is the one of them which are providing PEB solution to the challenging locations in India. EPACK have done many prefabricated projects in Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh and many more challenging places. Delivery of the material are always a challenge in these locations but EPACK is always committed for quick construction and on time delivery of the projects.

Time saving and cost effectiveness are two of the most attractive features of Pre Engineered Buildings which make PEB the best choice for challenging location in India. Even reusability is also attracting to clients because in challenging location if you dismantle the steel structure for some reason then you can install that steel structure somewhere else. This is the real reason why PEB is best choice for challenging locations.

Industrial Shed – A Smart Choice For Construction

A structural shed is used mostly to store the raw material or any kind of manufacturing products in industries. Because of frequent use of these PEB sheds in industrial sector, they are popularly called as industrial sheds. These industrial shed are used in various application like workshops, agriculture farm, automobile center, godown, factory, manufacturing plant, warehouse etc. and even in various sector like FMCG sector, commercial sector, chemical industry. Industrial shed can be different in size and shape because it depends upon the client’s requirements. Even the cost for manufacturing industrial shed is estimated per square feet and varies according to the client’s requirement.
Industrial Shed

In Indian construction industry there are many Industrial shed manufacturers which are manufacturing quality industrial sheds. Industrial sheds are manufactured by pre engineered building company in few steps like planning, designing, components fabrication and final installation. PEB Industrial shed provide a flexible and reliable option for adding temporary capacity to the project. These prefabricated industrial sheds can easily be expanded because of flexibility in design. Industrial shed can cover the large areas required to store the products or materials and can easily be manufactured by its structural parts like columns, purlins, roof truss etc.

Pre engineered building shed height can go from 25 to 30 meters long. In constructing conventional building there are lot of labour and time required to complete the project but PEB shed required less labour & time to complete it. So structural shed is more importantly time & money saving for client. This is the reason why PEB construction is in demand at everywhere. Even if required to dismantle the PEB industrial shed then mostly material are reusable and hardly any material can wastage. So we can consider zero wastage in manufacturing PEB industrial shed. PEB industrial sheds are highly durable and energy efficient, as they can be cooled or heated very easily. Due to these features of prefabricated industrial shed we can say that PEB industrial sheds are a smart choice for construction.

Pre Engineered Buildings: A Cost-Effective Choice

Today, Pre Engineered Buildings are becoming the preferred choice of construction be it private project or government. Popularity of PEB is increasing day by day due to various advantages like quick construction, cost effectiveness, design flexibility, durability, reusability and time saving. Pre engineered buildings are a much used concept in the construction industry which is why more than 60% of the non-residential low-rise building in the world are pre-engineered. If we talk about India, India is the fastest growing market in the PEB construction segment.

Pre Engineered Building

There are many PEB manufacturers in Indian construction industry which are offering peb building solutions to their customers. EPACK Polymers Private Limited is one of the leading construction company amongst PEB players in India. With cost effectiveness, consistent quality and fast delivery of products being the main reasons why EPACK is a leading PEB manufacturer amongst the other players. The scope of using PEB structure ranges from low rise, mid rise, high rise buildings, large workshop, hospital, school, aircraft hanger, cold storage, warehouse etc. The cost of a pre engineered building is estimated per square feet and varies according to the requirement of the client.

Why Cost Effective choice:

There is plenty of labour involved in RCC construction to complete any project but limited labour required in Pre engineered building construction. When the large team of labour are required in rcc construction, then the labour charges are bound to be high. Labour charges are low due to limited labour in installation any PEB structure. Even the PEB can be constructed within few days or week easily once the all products are ready to transfer at the site. But RCC construction is time taking process. It can take few months to complete the project. When we dismantle the RCC structures then the material can hardly be reused, but in PEB structure material is mostly reusable. Hence we can say that because of these numerous advantages of Pre Engineered Buildings segment, PEB is a cost effective choice in the construction industry.

Why are Pre Engineered Buildings Better?

Pre Engineered Buildings

Today Pre Engineered Buildings are the most preferred choice of construction around the world. If we talk about India, PEBs are a much utilized idea that more than 60% of the non-residential low-rise buildings in west are pre designed. The country has the quickest developing business sector in the  PEB development segment. This type of construction is pollution free and easy to fabricate any building in any location. If we compare pre engineered building with Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) building then it would be right to say that pre engineered building is better choice for construction. And the reasons are following as:

Cost & Time Saving:

For manufacturing a RCC building, there are lot of manpower & time required to build it and that is costly. But to build a pre engineered building less manpower & time required and this construction is quicker, affordable and cost-efficient way. So most importantly time saving in pre engineered building.

Earthquake Resistance:

RCC buildings are brittle so they are less earthquake resistant but pre engineered buildings can withstand earthquake more effectively than RCC building.

Load Bearing Capacity:

In the comparison to the steel the load bearing capacity of the RCC is low but the load carrying capacity of pre engineered building is very good.

Weather Resistant:

If we talk about RCC Building and steel building, moisture affects the RCC wall because of the absorption of moisture but in steel building it does not happened.

Scrap Value:

The material in RCC buildings construction is very rare to be reused but in pre engineered building construction material is mostly reusable. As a result, the scrap value of concrete is nil but the scrap value of steel is very good.


The self-weight of RCC is more but that of the Pre Engineered Buildings is 60% lighter than the concrete.


The foundation for the RCC building should be strong because of the larger weight of concrete but the steel building can be made without foundation

Less Maintenance:

Pre engineered buildings require less maintenance as compared to RCC buildings. Any weather condition does not affect the steel building but RCC buildings are likely to be affected by weather conditions, so required more maintenance in it.


RCC Building material is not useful after destruction of building but steel building can be dismantle and reinstalled easily with the same material of it.

Why EPS Insulated Panels Are Ideal For Prefab Houses

Prefabricated construction is trending all over world today because of various advantages like faster completion, flexibility in designs, reusability, cost effectiveness, durability and strong in strength. Prefab houses are now in demanding in India due to increasing popularity of prefab structure. In developed countries mostly houses are prefabricated and in developing countries like India, even government planning for residential use are prefabricated houses. In construction industry, for a prefab house there are many things which are used to provide better and effective result. EPS panel is one of them which is used frequently for provide highly energy efficiency in prefab house.

EPS Panel

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight closed cell rigid insulation formed by expansion of polystyrene beads. EPS panels are manufactured in a controlled environment at manufacturing plant of the company under the qualified technical team according to the industrial standard. EPS panel has excellent log term thermal and moisture resistance

Use of EPS Panel in prefab house:

  • EPS insulated panels are reliable, cost effective and compatible with major construction materials.
  • Sandwich panel can withstand extreme weather conditions without any damage and can be maintained easily by wiping the surface but in traditional homes, need periodical expensive maintenance in the form of painting.
  • EPS panels are highly energy efficient, moisture resistance keeps them pest-free and fire resistance makes them safe.
  • Energy saving is the main advantage of EPS panel, it save energy upto 30-40 % of the year.
  • Insulated panels are manufactured to exact specifications and can be assembled quickly on site. This keeps construction costs and labour costs low, resulting in major savings.
  • Insulated panels are completely Eco-friendly.
  • Use of EPS panel in prefab house are completely time & money saving.

All advantages of EPS Insulated panel are the reason why EPS insulated panels are ideal for prefab houses in Indian construction industry. Prefab houses are in demand because of the time & money saving via use of insulated panels in the industry.

5 Common Cold Room Issues and Their Solutions

Cold rooms find application for storing large quantities of products that require low temperature inside the room. Cold room used in different industries for different purposes like Hospitality, Horticulture, Medicare, Pharmaceutical industry, Seafood and many more. Modular cold rooms are manufactured by prefabricated construction companies and sellers procure it from them. Some of the most common cold room problems and their solutions are addressed below:

Cold Room

Walls becoming condensed :

The reason why condensation walls appear is due to humid air coming in the shape of water which accumulates as droplets. To solve this, proper insulation is required on the wall surfaces which can improve the airflow inside cold room.

Mould on the Walls :

The accumulation of moisture leads to mould growing inside cold rooms. This is one of the most commonly found problems with cold room. Making the cold rooms dry, clean and purified can help solve this problem. Again, installation of proper insulation can do this.

Rotting Walls :

Lack of vapour barrier or one that is wrongly installed can leads to the walls rotting in the cold room. The other reason for this is moisture seepage into the wood cladding. This issue can be solved by installing a different kind of insulation or adding another layer of insulation.

Dripping ceiling :

The other result of wrongly fitted vapour barrier is dripping ceilings. Since the lack of insulation and vapour barrier are the common causes of this problem, the easiest solution would be to provide enough insulation as well as placing a vapour barrier with regards to the drive direction of the vapour pressure.

Smelly Storage airs :

Emission of gases like ethylene and carbon dioxide are usually from decaying. If excess, these gases can cause foul smell inside your cold room. It is therefore recommended to install an exhaust fan for proper ventilation. Any product that is decaying should be disposed right away to get rid of bad smell.

6 Benefits of Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated construction involves creating building components in a designated manufacturing unit and installing the components at the construction site. Prefabricated structures construction is becoming more common, improving in quality and has become available in a variety of budgets. This method of construction majorly different as compared to traditional methods, offering numerous benefits to both client and construction company. These numerous benefits of prefabricated construction are as following:

Prefabricated structure

Reusability:  In traditional construction extra materials require and that lead to increased waste. If dismantled the traditional building then hardly some material are reusable. But in prefabricated structures, the components are prefabricated and accurate. The material are reusable after dismantling the prefabricated building. All components are tightened with nut and bolts in prefabricated structure.

Eco-Friendly:  Due to the open process, traditional construction generate dust, a poisonous mixture of concrete, cement, wood, stone and silica. And even more vicious chemical particles which easily gets mixed in the air during construction process. But with Prefabricated construction, there is minimal air pollution and it never produces those poisonous dust. Prefabricated construction thus reduces waste pollution.

Less Expensive: Traditional construction methods are labour intensive – each section of the structure has to be installed and built manually. But Prefabricated structures are mainly built in manufacturing plant in controlled environment and installed at site. This process reduces the overall cost of labor and therefore makes prefab structures less expensive.

Greater Flexibility: If any section of the structure is installed at site and then need to change its design. In prefabricated construction, prefabricated structures are made up of many individual parts and that allows for a greater amount of flexibility in design. If something needs to be changed in the design then the specific prefab part can simply be altered before production.

Reduced Construction Time: Prefabricated constructions take a fraction of the time to complete compared to traditional building. Components of any prefabricated steel structure are manufactured in the manufacturing plant according to the industrial standard and then installed at construction site of the project. This process can takes significantly lesser time. In traditional construction, contractor has to wait for each component which to be built and installed on site. So traditional construction is time taking process while prefabricated reduced the construction time.

Weather friendly Raw Materials : Components of prefabricated structure are manufactured in a controlled environment according to the industrial standards. Carbon fiber coating and monocoat paint are used to prevent corrosion in components of prefabricated structure. So moisture does not affect prefabricated components in rainy season.